New Standard Subscription

Standard subscriptions give access through all three gates:

  • 93b Alcester Road
  • Between 40 and 44 Salisbury Road
  • At the bottom of Chantry Road next to SS John and Monica School.


Moseley Park has moved to a more customer-friendly rolling subscription programme so you will have a full year’s subscription from the day you join (with a renewal invite being sent to you in advance of your joining date anniversary).

Please note that the total cost of £70 in the first year includes a £10.00 initial set-up fee and the provision of your key fob. In the future you will only need to pay the Subscription cost (currently £60).

Once you have paid you will need to collect your fob from Moseley Travel at 172 Alcester Road (open Monday to Friday 10am to 5.30pm and Saturday 10am to 2pm).



£60.00 / year and a £10.00 sign-up fee