Park Subscriptions

Exclusive access to Birmingham's best kept secret


Subscribing to Moseley Park

If you wish to subscribe to Moseley Park and obtain a key fob we invite you to pay on this website. 

You will have a full year’s membership from the day you first join or renew your membership (with a renewal invitation being sent to you in advance of your joining-date anniversary).

Please note if you were paying by direct debit we will require you to pay via this website as we are no longer processing direct debits.

You can still make payment by cheque or cash at Moseley Travel. 

Gardens opening directly into the park

If you live on Salisbury Road or Chantry Road with a gate that opens directly in to the park, please click one of the following links. 

If you are already a park subscriber and need to renew follow this link.

If you’re new to the park, please click here.

Become an annual subscriber and enjoy the park from dawn to dusk 365 days a year.

After payment you can collect your new key from Moseley Travel.  

Already a subscriber? Select this product to renew your subscription online.

Lost your key? Purchase this product from the store then collect your new key from Mosley Travel.