Tree work in the Park and future developments

The Trustees of the Park would like to up-date you on on-going work in the Park.

  1. Two trees have been felled in the area behind the Fishermen’s Hut, known as the Dell – a large Ash tree and a smaller Oak
  2. The Ash was diseased at its base, with Ganoderma Funghi, and the Oak was growing at such a precarious angle, it was deemed an immediate danger by tree surgeons
  3. Tree Preservation Order permission from Birmingham City Council was obtained to fell these trees
  4. It is one of our aims, as Trustees of the Park and Pool, to develop the Dell into an outdoor theatre, for local community use
  5. The clearance of brush from this area is the first phase in what will be an ongoing process over coming years to see this project to fruition
  6. The Festivals will use this area to site their “beer tent” until such time as the development of the theatre precludes that use
  7. The tennis courts are to remain as tennis courts. They are not going to be developed into a car park or offices
  8. Meaningful discussions are taking place between the Trustees of the Park and Pool and the Tennis Club with the aim of positively enhancing the tennis facilities.

Trustees of the Park and Pool