• Cyprus Tree
    Cyprus trees are evergreens meaning they do not lose their leaves in the winter. They can grow up to 150 feet in height.
  • Horse chestnut Tree
    Famous for providing conkers, a traditional children's game for over a hundred years. The hardest conkers are those that have fallen to the ground because they are the ripest.
  • Hawthorn Tree
    The male of the species has pink coloured blossoms, the female of the species has white coloured blossom. It is known for its medicinal properties.
  • Acer - Crimson King
    An ornamental tree which can grow between 20- 30 feet in height. Foliage used by florists in creating displays because of the colour. Indigenous to Europe.
  • Sycamore Tree
    Grows to over 150 feet. Has been known in England for over 300 years.
  • Alder - (Dissectum) Tree
    This is a hybrid tree. Known as an ornamental tree because of its decorative effect. So called because its leaves look like they've been dissected.
  • Lime or Linden Tree
    Wood from this tree is used in the creation of piano keys because it is highly resistant to warping. Can grow to 100 feet and is indigenous to the UK and Europe.
  • Weeping Willow Tree
Has naturally drooping branches and leaves. Can grow to 25 feet in height. Willow is used in cricket bats because of its soft and resilient nature.
  • Black Cherry Tree
    The fruits from this tree are inedible despite the name. This is an ornamental tree which can grow up to 25 feet and is known for its dark coloured foliage.
  • Monkey Puzzle Tree
    Can grow up to 50 feet in height. So called because branches look like monkeys' tails. Originally from Chile. Branches fall off lower part of trunk as the tree grows.