Community support needed to locate missing memorial bench


July 13, 2023


Board of Directors


The board of Moseley Park and Pool Trust wishes to appeal to park users and the wider Moseley community for any information regarding the following. A memorial bench in memory of Owen Long was taken from the park in mid June. It’s believed it went missing on the afternoon/evening of 16 June when there was a gathering of teenagers following the end of GCSEs.

We have carried out searches of the park including in the water and all park buildings but to no avail. Whilst the bench is not of great financial value it is of enormous sentimental value to Owen’s family for obvious reasons. The bench was sited in the area of the park known as the swing meadow. It was the newest bench in the park and highly varnished with a brass plaque on the backrest.

We are appealing to anyone who has any information that could lead to its return to contact the park on or anonymously by text if preferred on 07471 675553. Whilst it was probably the action of pranksters meaning no serious harm it has caused massive distress to Owen’s family. Can we please urge you to speak to your family members including young people to see if they can help? We are searching CCTV footage to assist in a police enquiry but the family’s preference would be for the bench to be returned without such recourse. The park can assist with collecting and relocating the bench.

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