New compostable dog waste bin for Moseley Park

This is a project we’ve been working on over the winter months, when most of the rubbish in our bins is dog poop in plastic bags. This is either sent to landfill or burnt.

A conversation with John Newson of Balsall Heath is our Planet got us thinking about ways to reduce our use of plastics, and dispose of dog waste in an environmentally friendly way. John told us about a compostable dog waste bin at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales, and we decided to build one in the Park.

Yesterday, BBC Inside Out were in the Park filming a piece about dognapping (not from our Park!) with Midlands Today presenter Beccy Wood and her lovely lurcher Brandy. So we invited John along too and held an opening ceremony for the bin. Also in the photo is volunteer Jack, who dug and installed the bin, and Ranger Calvin, who will be giving it a weekly stir.

As you can see it was a glorious day!

We’ve now switched over to compostable dog bags in all of our dispensers – please only use these for the dog poop bin. Regular biodegradable bags will not compost in the bin.

And if you’re wondering where it is, the new bin is on the far side of the sloping meadow, over the other side of the Dell. Look for the sign!

If it’s a success we’ll be installing up to 2 more bins in other locations around the Park.