Access &

Although day-by-day access to the park is free to everyone, the Park is secure. In order to gain access to the Park it is necessary to obtain a key-fob. Free ‘day’ fobs are available from Moseley Travel, 172 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 8HJ (tel: 0121 442 4499), with the payment of a small deposit. Annual fobs, giving access throughout the year are also available from Moseley Travel for an annual subscription of £45 (£40 if paid by direct debit). All the subscription income goes to the Charitable Trust which operates and maintains the Park for the benefit of the local community.

For 2018, the Trust is completely updating its subscription service, with the result that renewals which would normally take place in April,  will be delayed until May at the earliest: all fobs will remain active during this extended period.

In the even of any difficulty with access, please phone our helpline: 07908 939423