Coronavirus update

The Trustees of Moseley Park and Pool are very aware of the increasing importance of access to green open spaces for everybody in these difficult times and particularly for those who may have to self-isolate at home for long periods during this emergency. Consequently, the Trustees are committed to maintaining normal opening hours for subscribers, for as long as the authorities allow. We have already published a set of visiting guidelines which we hope will assist in making any visit to the Park as safe as possible, based on PHE guidelines. This position will be kept under constant review.

We also recognise that the social and economic impacts of the Covid-19 emergency are likely to be difficult for many families and individuals. Consequently, in an attempt to offer some assistance to our community, the Trustees have decided to defer the planned increases in subscriptions, due to go up in April, to 1st August. Again, this will be kept under review, but we hope by mid-summer the situation will start to improve and the increases in the subscriptions, which are necessary to meet our operating costs, will be more affordable for those who have been most affected. 

For those who are in a position to help, we would welcome donations to help make up the shortfall in income that this concession will produce. We need more funding to carry out much-needed restoration programmes in the Park. Please look out for announcements on Park notice boards and on the Park website for more information on how you can make donations.
As a secondary health measure for the duration of the emergency, the Trustees have also decided to suspend the use of day fobs, which do pose a small but significant risk of disease transmission and also require visitors to engage with staff at Moseley Travel. Instead, we are planning to offer open access to the Park on ‘Wellness Wednesdays’ each week between 10am and 4.00pm. This is in addition to the existing arrangements of providing open access on every last Saturday of the month.

We hope all our visitors continue to enjoy the beauty of Moseley Park and Pool for the foreseeable future, and we will make further announcements if the circumstances change.
Board of Trustees, Moseley Park and Pool Trust